Dulcodes UV Systems

Dulcodes A UV System

Effectlve Chloramlne Reductlon and Cryptosporidium Inactlvatlon In Pool Water

Dulcodes A UV systems are ideal for the photochemical decomposition of combined chlorine (inorganic chloramines) in the treatment of swimming pool water. Chlorine-resistant germs, especially cryptosporidium are reliably inactivated. Special medium pressure UV lamps generate intense polychromatic UV light to reduce the strong odor producing and eye irritating substances. The result is an improved quality of water for healthy and pleasant swimming.


  • Flow: up to 4592 gpm
  • Large graphical display for displaying the time dependency of the UV sensor signal with trend indication.
  • Electronic power supplies with automatic set point control to ensure maximum eficiency at lowest power usage. Estimated 40% savings over conventional magnetic ballast systems.
  • 8000 hours lamp warranty
  • PLC freely programmable control, e.g. for recirculation pump interlock, flushing or circulation bypass, warning and shutdown procedures
  • Remote interface and control with DCM 502 and combined chlorine measurement. Additional warranty offered when utilized with Prol\/linent Chemical Controllers
  • Minimum space requirement and highest level of installation flexibility due to free choice of mounting orientation
  • Maintenance-friendly, single-end lamp connection and service access allows lamp to be changed out in 5 minutes.
  • Nitrogen trichloride test kit option available
  • Color display of operational status visible up to 100 feet from screen
  • Reaction chamber from high quality stainless steel 316L (1.4404)
  • Automatic cleaning system
  • All units supplied with: Automatic wiper system, lamp, quartz sleeve, chamber, control cabinet with 29.5' of pre-wired control cable, chamber and control cabinet temperature monitoring, PLC controls and analog lamp visual lamp indicator


  • NSF50 listed to NEW 2012 standard
  • Only UV systems on NSF site with electronic ballasts
  • The A units can save up to 40% power versus a standard magnetic ballast. Which makes power consumption closer to a Low Pressure system
  • Electronic ballasts can increase lamp life!
  • The A plants are the only UV system on market with Tru-Vue viewing disc on chamber allowing viewing of UV lamp in operation
  • The A plants have PLC based controls with color coded screens that give immediate notice of operation status of system
  • The A unit utilizes multiple control points thus allowing for a disinfection setpoint and a chloramine setpoint. Thus the DCM502 will run at lower power for Crypto and ramp up to chloramine control as water chemistry dictates
  • 400 days of data logging
  • Trend view of lamp power AND UV intensity We archive all faults, warnings and events for easy trouble shooting and service
  • Integrated cooling plate inside of electrical cabinet to maximize electronic ballast performance and longevity

Dulcodes S UV System

Low impact, less cost, highly effective chloramine reduction in spas and therapy pools

The Dulcodes S UV system is ideal for breaking down bound chlorine (chloramines) in low flow water. These odor-intensive substances ("chlorine odor") irritate the eyes and mucous membranes. Special Powerline medium pressure lamps generate intensive UV radiation for the effective reduction of the chloramines.

In addition, chlorine-resistant germs in the water are reliably killed, resulting in better and healthier water quality. The in-line design ensures that the system is simple and easy to install in any position: quick retrofitting with minimal work, directly into a plastic pipeline without any stainless steel connection pieces required.

Features & Benefits:

  • Minimum space requirement due to extremely compact in-line design
  • Highest level of installation flexibility due to free choice of mounting orientation
  • Maintenance-friendly single-end lamp connection
  • Quick payback due to operating cost savings in fresh water, chemicals and heating
  • Additional disinfection barrier for chlorine-resistant germs
  • High operating safety and simple diagnostics thanks to integrated screen recorder
  • Automatic wiper included
  • Radiation chamber from high quality stainless steel 316 L
  • Power and maintance savings when interfaced with DCM502
  • Monitoring of the system performance by UVCselective sensor
  • Monitoring of the water temperature
  • NSF 50 / ANNEX H
Barrier® M UV Systems for Aquatic Applications

The Barrier® M range of UV systems is primarily designed for the treatment of aquatic applications with flow rates ranging from 84 to 4288 US gpm (19 to 974 m3/h).

Ultraviolet disinfection is an ideal alternative to chemical addition systems and can be used as a bolt in multi-barrier approach to your disinfection process.

The Barrier® M UV system provides a cost-effective, operator-friendly solution for low-and-medium flow rate disinfection applications, as well as a chloramines reduction solution for pool water treatment installations. The system consists of a stainless steel reaction chamber with medium-pressure polychromatic lamps, and a remotely mounted microcontroller for complete control and monitoring capabilities. All models except M 35 include automatic quartz cleaning.

The system is effective in controlling waterborne pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, and parasites, including, Cryptosporidium or Giardia, which can be resistant to conventional chemical disinfection. In addition, the system provides a powerful disinfection solution without forming harmful disinfection by-products(DBPs).

Find the UV disinfection solution that's right for you. Use the table below to find out what Barrier M product is best suited for your application needs. For saltwater outdoor applications click on the contact us link.


Chloramine Reduction Capacity (1)
Model US gpm m^3/hr T10 mm
Barrier M UV Systems
M 35 84 19 95%
M 80 172 39 95%
M 135 269 61 95%
M 275 (2) 524 119 95%
M 525 (2) 775 176 95%
M 700 1299 295 95%
M 950 1770 402 95%
M 1200 2325 528 95%
M 1700 2875 653 95%
M 2000 3302 750 95%
M 2600 (2) 4288 974 95%

(1) Capacity at a UV dose of 600 J/m2 (60mJ/cm2) at end of lamp life based on the multiple point summation method, transmittance T10mm = 95%, chloramine reduction in pool approx. 50% when system is operated continuously in full flow conditions.

(2) Also available in DVGW certified execution; please consult factory or individuals data sheet for biodosimetrical certified capacities. (DVGW - Internationally recognized authority on certification of UV disinfection systems. DVGW - German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water).


Features and Benefits

  • Space savings and reduced installation cost with compact design and small footprint
  • Easy installation and retrofit with in line design
  • Reduced maintenance cost and low head loss because of the few powerful medium-pressure lamps used
  • Negligible photoreactivation mechanisms, and no impact of water temperature on efficiency because of medium-pressure lamp technology
  • Extended lamp life and reduced power consumption with lamp power control
  • Proven chloramine reduction effectiveness
  • Improves natatorium air quality
  • Helps in the reduction of "red eye" for swimmers
  • Reduces need for super chlorination
  • Eliminates "chlorine smell"