SR Smith Backstroke and Recall Stanchions
  • Tubing: 1.90" OD
  • Wall Thickness: .065", .109", or .145"
  • Stainless Steel : 304
Line and Crowd Control Stanchions
  • Tubing: 1.625" or 1.90" OD
  • Wall Thickness: .065"
  • Stainless Steel : 304
Spectrum Stanchion Posts

Designed to support backstroke lines, finish lines, recall lines, volleyball nets and splash curtains. Sliding rings and anchors must be ordered separately. Flags not included.

  • 2" top ring for connection to backstroke flags or recall ropes
  • Optional sliding collar available
  • Exclusive passivation process ensures maximum corrosion resistance
Paragon Stainless Steel Stanchion Socket

Stainless Steel Stanchion Anchor, Slip Cap
Paragon's stanchion anchor socket sets flush in swimming pool deck and is furnished with vandal-proof closure cap. Fits 1.9" OD stanchions. Stainless Steel.

Astral Stanchions and Anchors

Backstroke and false-start stanchion post
Are constructed of 1.9" x .065" stainless steel tubing. Each pole has 2 eye-hooks for rope attachment. Flag kits not included. Available as 4'-6" or 8'-6" backstroke stanchion post.

Stanchion Anchors
These anchors are for use with false start stanchions and backstroke indicator stanchions. Construction is AISI 316 stainless steel for maximum corrosion resistance and design is sleeve type for easy installation and removal of brackets or stanchions. For 1.9" tubing only.

Line Anchor Cup With Rod
For concrete pools constructed of Stainless Steel 18/8/2 AISI-316 with interlocking rod system. Allows for easy internal cleaning.

Line Anchor Cup With Retractable Hook
For concrete pools constructed of Stainless Steel 18/8/2 AISI-316. Retractable hook allows cup to remain flush when not in use.