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Lawson Aquatics Commercial Deck Drain System

The ONLY deck drain system that can truly conform to almost any design!

A system of premium grade PVC components designed to offer a generous 25% open area for fast and efficient handling of excess water. All grates are interlocking and completely modular ensuring simple installation and maintenance, yet durable enough for pedestrian and light vehicle passage.

The Deck Drain System complies with federal ADA regulations and is available in 10 foot lengths with grating options in our three standard colors. The system is ASTM tested for loads and friction and offers our Ten-year warranty.

Deck Drain Access Point

  • The Access Point offers an easy location to clean debris accumulation.
  • Used in conjunction with Lawson Aquatic's Commercial Deck Drain System, the custom fabricated access point is the newest addition to Lawson Deck Drain offerings. The chamber can be built to customer's exact specifications including port size and overall dimensions. As with all of the Lawson products, the product is covered under our 10 year warranty.
  • A properly maintained access point assists in the prevention of debris build up in deck drains, assuring continuous drainage of water and keeping pool deck areas safe and dry!
  • Constructed of UV-stabilized, heavy duty, top marine grade PVC, welded together for a water tight seal.
  • The Access Points are capped with a removable section of Lawson Aquatic's Perpendicular grating.