All commercial swimming pools should be on an Automatic Chemical Controller so your pool settings and preferences can be maintained automatically and consistently. Using a Controller will minimize your chemical costs with precise dosing and by avoiding fluctuations it provides a healthy environment for your plaster, tile, and all of your pool equipment.

ProMinent DCM200 / DCM500 Series Controllers

The ProMinent® DCM 2 and DCM 5 Series controllers are the perfect partner for monitoring and controlling water chemistry parameters and processes in smaller pools, spas, hotels, motels and condos. Their precision and uncompromising quality represent a world-class solution to ensure a safe and healthy water experience for patrons.

DCM 200 Features & Benefits

  • Automatic discrete control and flow adjustments of chemical dosing pump Proprietary sensor technology for pH & ORP
  • Ethernet web-based real-time monitor and control via network-enabled PC, smart phone, iPad or tablet device Hydraulic compensation via true PID control
  • Hydraulically advanced flowcell assembly
  • USB host data log upload port

DCM 500 Features & Benefits

  • Proprietary sensor technology
  • Oxidant specific sensor
  • Combined chlorine control
  • Simultaneous Chlorine/ORP control
  • Ecol mode
  • VFD control (optional)
  • Real-time corrosion & calcification monitoring and alarm
  • Loading compensation via true proportional control
  • Hydraulically advanced flowcell assembly
  • Automatic discrete control and flow adjustments of chemical dosing pump
  • Capable of interface and control of UV systems via ProMlnent's proprietary chlorine probes and real time Combined Chlorine readings
  • Trackster™ auto poll, data logging, graphing and report building software
  • Standard web-based real-time monitor and control via network-enabled PC, smart phone, iPad or tablet device
Strantrol® Set Point NX Pool & Spa Chemistry Controller

The Strantrol® Set Point NX control system is the essential pool and spa controller from Evoqua. The Set Point NX control system is designed to provide the very basic required controls for chemical balance including protection from chemical feed during no flow conditions and chemical overfeed lockout.

The Strantrol® Set Point NX controller utilizes High Resolution Redox® sensing technology to directly measure the rate of oxidation in pool water regardless of the pH, temperature or bather load, feeding only the amount of chemicals needed. The controller responds continuously to actual pool conditions with precise chemical dosages resulting in pool water that is clear, nonirritating and safe.

Suitable for gas chlorine, liquid chlorine, stick bromine and a variety of feed devices. The Strantrol® Set Point NX controller is designed for use on recirculated applications such as pools, spas, and fountains.

Benefits of the Strantrol® Set Point NX Control System include:

  • Assures crystal clear pool and spa water 24 hours a day, every day of the year
  • Cuts chemical costs up to 30%
  • Extends life of pool surface, heater and other mechanical equipment
  • Quickly pays for itself - actually costs less than not installing a controller
  • Ideal for the hospitality and club industries
  • Custom flowcell body for better sensor sampling, long sensor life
Acu-Trol AK110™

Advanced Chemical Automation

The most highly advanced single-pool controller in the industry! With its connection options the AK110™ controller provides unsurpassed water management to any aquatic facility operator, fulfilling all requirements of the facilities pool, spa or other water features. Programmable features complete the AK110™ package with continuous monitoring of pH, ORP, disinfectant levels, temperature and flow rate. The bidirectional control of the AK110™ allows water chemistry changes to be made immediately from a computer anywhere in the world.

Standard Features

  • AcuCom™ Software
  • pH, ORP and temperature sensors
  • Programmable pH, ORP and temperature set points
  • Programmable chemical feed cycle ON and OFF (MIX) times
  • Programmable proportional feed
  • Programmable acid, base or CO2 feed for pH control
  • Helay configuration shortcuts with Acu-Trol® Wizards
  • Flow cell with built-in flow switch, shut-off valves, inlet strainer and sampling port
  • Hecords up to 30 days of sensor data internally in 1 or 2 hour recording intervals